Monday, June 9, 2008


Well, we’re working on 108 years now. We had our homecoming services yesterday and it was a great day. Bro. Josh Cornelius preached about “Homecoming” a great message one that our church as well as every other church in America needed to hear.

After the fellowship (the meal was out of this world) we went back to the church for some singing and testimonies. Only one person testified, I find it absolutely, utterly, positively unacceptable that the people of God will say NOTHING ABOUT HIM when asked to. No one wants to magnify and honor the Name of the Lord anymore. A Pastor literally has to drag it out of most people and by then he can’t enjoy it.

Regardless, it was still a good day. Some of our folks have journeyed to Ringgold, GA today for a week long camp meeting. I hope they get filled to overflowing. I will join them Wednesday after church.

I hope one day some others from the church will join us down there.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

This weekend…I can’t wait!

This week end marks a (as far as I'm concerned) momentous occasion.

We are having our first men's prayer breakfast. We will start @ 8:00 a.m. with breakfast then walk to the sanctuary for a short testimony from Pastor David Jeffers then a time a prayer.

    God has laid on my heart some time ago to have something specifically for the men of the church. A time for them to get together and fellowship and pray for the church and things that matter to them. I feel like this is it.


Next our young folks are going to Clark Center Park in Oak Ridge for a day on the lake and are sponsoring a picnic for the whole church @ 2:00 p.m. I'm sure they will have a great time.


Sunday marks another great happening, our 107th homecoming. Evangelist/Youth Pastor Josh Cornelius will be bringing the message on Sunday morning. We'll have a time of fellowship after the morning service then back to the sanctuary for singing. We will NOT have an evening service this Sunday night (June 8, 2008).

Now next week is exciting too, Camp Canaan starts Monday. Some of our young folks are going, my wife is taking a group down and I will join them with a few more youth on Wednesday Night after church. Camp Canaan is in Ringgold, Georgia.


Mid-week Service

Last night was the first time we had all of our young folks back in the service. Usually they are in the fellowship hall practicing for their mime ministry and/or youth Sunday's. They have decided to change a little during the summer and switch every other week.

I was glad to have them with us. I really do miss them in our services. We finished up Philippians Chapter 3. Some of our folks were struggling last night, so much so that God has impressed them on my heart today. I trust that God will help them with their burdens and troubles.

I have preached at church a lot about the fact that we MUST give Him those things that weigh us down. He wants them, sometimes He chooses to help us bear them while sometimes he removes the problem. I sincerely desire to see not only our folks but every Christian get a hold of that fact. God does want to help us.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What a day

Boy! We had a good day in the Lord this past Sunday. I wrote about Sunday morning, but Sunday Night was the Kicker. I had planned on preaching about heaven "I'm Longing for Home", I thought the Lord wanted that too. I asked the song leader to sing some songs about Heaven. He did, all of them were very good. I asked for specials and they were good too, but something wasn't right.

I began looking at my watch, see, we had business meeting Sunday night too, so the time was "getting away from me". Finally the Lord spoke to my heart and said, "don't worry about the time, just worship me". I then told the church, hey we spent 20 minutes or so in business meeting, let's not rush the service, but lets worship God.

They responded well, some more folks sang, other testified, I shouted, other raised their hands, clapped their hands and altogether we worshipped the Heaven Father.

A Great day in the Lord.



James Burke