Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mid-week Service

Last night was the first time we had all of our young folks back in the service. Usually they are in the fellowship hall practicing for their mime ministry and/or youth Sunday's. They have decided to change a little during the summer and switch every other week.

I was glad to have them with us. I really do miss them in our services. We finished up Philippians Chapter 3. Some of our folks were struggling last night, so much so that God has impressed them on my heart today. I trust that God will help them with their burdens and troubles.

I have preached at church a lot about the fact that we MUST give Him those things that weigh us down. He wants them, sometimes He chooses to help us bear them while sometimes he removes the problem. I sincerely desire to see not only our folks but every Christian get a hold of that fact. God does want to help us.