Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What a day

Boy! We had a good day in the Lord this past Sunday. I wrote about Sunday morning, but Sunday Night was the Kicker. I had planned on preaching about heaven "I'm Longing for Home", I thought the Lord wanted that too. I asked the song leader to sing some songs about Heaven. He did, all of them were very good. I asked for specials and they were good too, but something wasn't right.

I began looking at my watch, see, we had business meeting Sunday night too, so the time was "getting away from me". Finally the Lord spoke to my heart and said, "don't worry about the time, just worship me". I then told the church, hey we spent 20 minutes or so in business meeting, let's not rush the service, but lets worship God.

They responded well, some more folks sang, other testified, I shouted, other raised their hands, clapped their hands and altogether we worshipped the Heaven Father.

A Great day in the Lord.



James Burke