Tuesday, November 4, 2008

He made it real.

Let me start by saying, “God sure is good”

We had a wonderful day in the Lord this past Sunday. We had over 100 people in our morning service, half of those were one family celebrating Ms. Jenny Lou Ford’s birthday. The spirit in the church was sweet, I’ve noticed that the more people are there, the more tense and nervous I become. But, its during those ties that God calms my fears, by showing up in different ways.

For instance this Sunday I was nervous, because I didn’t know who was there, where they stood with the Lord and if the message would benefit anyone. The Lord gave us some great songs, and allowed a few testimonies to calm my fears. Then through the course of the songs, he assured me that the message was from Him not myself, it was He who would be preaching not me. So with all of that, my doubts, and fears, and nerves were quickly quieted.

Sunday night, we had another good service, it was for me anyway. Recently I have been preaching about witnessing, and have wondered why the Lord kept leading me in that direction. During the introduction I told our church that I was not trying to force anything on them, but that the Lord wanted us to know our duties as witnesses to the world. About two minutes into the introduction, God began speaking personally to me. Imagine my confusion, Here I am in the middle of preaching, and God decides to have a one-on-one conversation with me.

The direction of the message changed from “to the church” to “this message is for me”. Oh yes, I kept preaching but no longer to the people in attendance but to the hearts of them and maybe more importantly to myself. My heart began to break for the people I see @ work everyday, I watch as their lives are wasted away. I was literally convicted before the eyes of everyone in attendance. How embarrassing, so I thought, how humbling. Yes it was humbling, but embarrassing, no! God quickly took the embarrassment, and exchanged it with encouragement. He promised during our “conversation” that he was publicly convicting and dealing with my heart to help “the church”.

I have been praying for some time that God would give me clear leadership, wisdom, discernment, a vision of the direction of our church, little by little God is giving me those desires.

You see, on Sunday night November 2, 2008 God did for me what have been wanting for everyone else in the church. He made it real in my heart.