Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Well it’s the time of year again that the flowers are blooming, the trees are sprouting new growth and the pollen is beginning to showers us with that “beautiful” yellow/green powder. But there’s something more special about this time, this is the season that we Celebrate the Cross, yes I said celebrate. You see, the story of salvation is full of many wonderful testimonies of God’s Grace and Mercy, but the Cross, the “Old Rugged Cross” is a star in this season. Upon its rough hewn beams is where our Savior suffered and died for all mankind, it was there that he said those immortal words “It is Finished”. He had done what He came to do. We should celebrate the Cross, not just now but every day we breathe. But the story still isn’t finished.

You see, if we leave Christ hanging there on the cross, we’re defeated, He’s defeated, and Satan has won…But He IS NOT on that tree. He IS Risen!!! Satan is defeated, Death is defeated, Hell is defeated. Why? Because He is Alive! He lives, not just in our hearts, He actually lives, He is sitting at the right hand of God making intercession for us. He is awaiting His father’s command to get His bride. He IS alive and He IS Coming again.

You see the Salvation story has a few “Star’s” but it is not complete without the resurrection of our Lord. It is because of that Glorious morning that Salvation is possible. Without it, Jesus would be as any other man, dead. Without the resurrection, His words would be just like Johns, Peter’s, DL. Moody’s, William Tyndale’s, John Wesley’s. But He Did Get up, did you hear? He DID get up, He IS Risen, His Words ARE Truth, He IS Coming Again. So, Celebrate it, Rejoice in it. Have a great Day in the Lord. Look up, He may come back today!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

ain't God good

Just wanted to say how good God is. The Lord has been abundantly blessed us recently. We've had 1 saved recently and a moving in our services.
I'm trying out a blackberry so I'll go for now.