Monday, May 11, 2009


Good morning all! I trust everyone had a great Mother’s Day, I believe my mother, and wife did.


Honestly the last few weeks at church have been very difficult to preach. Bother Morning services seemed hindered in a way that I have yet to be able to explain. Last Sunday I preached on “God’s Love” from Hosea Chapters 1-3, by Monday night I knew that at least 2 people had been touched by the message.

Sunday night, the “Big Preacher” showed up. Of course I’m talking about God, He began to bless hearts with testimonies, and songs.


This Sunday being Mother’s day, I tried to preach on mother’s but God would not allow it, instead He lead me to preach from the book of Ezra about, “Risking all on God” basically giving everything to the Lord in spite of our problems and diverse situations.

Sunday night I preached from Mark 11 on “God has a need”

      I.        For Available Men

     II.        For Adventurous Men

    III.        For Adoring Men

I trust that the Lord will move on the hearts of His people and stir them to revival soon. If you’re reading this blog, there must be a desire to see what God is doing, doubtless, He IS doing something, He IS working in our midst, but the thing I struggle with the most, is His timing. What I want NOW, He desires to wait, let it mature, progress if you will. He IS working in our midst, slowly, but mightily. Please pray for our church, pray for our people.