Sunday, June 14, 2009

Homecoming Sunday…107 years

What a great service! It started out kind of usual with the choir singing a few. The a few more songs, then a few more, Scott & Ashley sang a song I’ve never heard before, beautiful!!!  Scott, Lori & I sang I have not forgotten the the Revival Choir sang How great thou Art with Floyd Taylor leading it, then we sang My, My, My. As the choir sat down someone asked us to sing another song, it went over okay, but the Lori & I sang a new song, I knew it blessed me but didn’t think much more, well God did, everything apparently had been building in a few folks. Because during that song some came to the altar, then we sang another song, and another, every time someone left the altar, someone else would come. The service lasted 2 1/2 hours, but it was great. I wanted to hear Bro. Josh Greene preach but he never got to. The BIG preacher stopped by. We had a few get help with struggles, some with family, had one admit that he really was saved, but was ashamed to say he was because of things that he’s done. Had a few come just to praise the Lord. I got the great opportunity of shouting all over the pulpit (something I’ve not done in a while)! So what I guess I’m trying to say is that…I do not have a message to pass along to you today.

We’re not having church tonight but I am preaching at Bays Mountain Baptist Church tonight, so I may post that message later tonight!

Imagine for a moment…People coming Home to do business with the Lord on “Home Coming” what a thought.