Thursday, June 11, 2009


Well I believe some Praise needs to be lifted to the Lord. I have prayed for some time now for a laptop. Since May marked the first time our Sermons have been on-line, I felt a more urgent need for a laptop. Thankfully a friend from church allowed me to borrow hers for as long as I needed it. After more praying some things fell into place and I felt as iff the Lord was impressing me to purchase a laptop for this ministry. I felt as if He wer giving me permission to step out on faith and that He would do the rest. Well he is well on His way to taking care of the financial need for the laptop.
Saturday I ordered the laptop, found that I had $250.00 off for my birthday in June, found that there is 9 months no interest, and within two days God provided an addition $250.00 to go toward the laptop, that brings the total down to around $500.00 left on the laptop. Further the Lord has impressed me to use this as a "Mission Work" or a "Ministry Tool" if you will. So with that He has given me peace, to redirect our personal missions offering directly to the cost of the laptop.
Today I recieved the laptop, right out of the box I could telll that this will be a great asset to the Internet Ministry. Thanks be to God for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of this. I trust you will pray for the ministry and tell everyone you can about the on-line sermons.

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