Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Service at the Bluff

We had a great day in the Lord today. attendance was down due to vacations, but we still had a good day.

Bro. Daniel Flatford preached this morning on “He is Light”.

A great job to be sure. I have not felt well since Friday, so I asked Bro. Daniel to take the reigns for me.

I felt a need to preach something encouraging to everyone at church tonight. I hope its a blessing.

You can do it” is my hearts cry as I try to address December and January’s resolutions for 2009, Here we are mid-way through the year and I myself needed some encouragement to keep on keeping on with those resolutions. Some I’ve actually stopped all together, but if it will bring Glory to the Lord, then I want to “get back on the wagon” and go on for the Lord.

I trust you listen and enjoy the messages. Have a great night and a blessed week in the Lord.

To those of our church who are away…Please be careful, and hurry home.