Monday, June 8, 2009

Youth trip to Myrtle Beach

I will get Last night Message uploaded today around 1:00 or so.


I want to update you on our youth. They left Saturday at 5:30 a.m. headed for Myrtle Beach, SC. They’ve had a few Bible studies so far, and have performed on the beach. (We have a mime group called “Sign 4 Life”) They went armed with the gospel, and a multitude of “give aways” such as beach balls, sanitizers, bottled water, gospel tracts, and many other things.

I got a text from Jason Bell (Youth Leader) saying that they were about to mime at an open gazebo. We later learned that about 60+ people gathered to watch. They loved it, in fact the kids ran out of Songs to sign with. Please pray for them as they minister, and have some fun there in South Carolina.


I’ll try to post pictures as I get them.