Monday, July 27, 2009

Camp Canaan… Day 1

Today has been a busy day. We started off with a light breakfast before going to Kelsan in Chattanooga. We stopped there long enough to get some supplies for Camp Canaan, then on to Wal-Mart to kill time and let some of the folks do some shopping. We then went to Sir Gooney’s to play a few rounds of Putt-Putt Golf.  The “Gangsta Putters” won both games against the “Hole Hustla’s” ( Thanks Zach for the Win!)

We took everyone to O’Charley’s for lunch, it was a nice lunch with everyone.  They were all very polite and well behaved.

Then back to Camp for some some rest before church.

The singing began right off with the annointing of God. Rita Howard, Theresa, the Brantley’s and a few others sang. Bro. Frank K Nolen preached first from Jude, “Three things about the Gospel” Bro. Ronnie Jones preached from Psalm 1 about “The Influence of the Ungodly”.

After the service we had hotdogs and volley ball until 11:00 then everyone headed in . Lights out @ 12:00. Midnight