Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Camp Canaan.

Last night and Today were extremely good services. Last night Bro. Robert Laymance and Bro. Jonathan Hatcher Preached. As usual both men brought the Word in excellent fashion.

Today was BUSY! We started the services with prayer and singing. Our Youth Group got to sing twice so far. Both were by surprise.  They did great though.

Lori & I have sang a few times, but tonight the Lord really annointed the songs, and the two of us.

This morning was filled with singing and preaching. I started the service off with a message, then Bro. Wilton Grimes, & Bro. Hubert Troutman.

This afternoon we took everyone to the mall to get something to eat, then to the movies to watch “G-Force” in 3D. It was a pretty good movie, clean too.

Tonight started with some great singing and a tremendous moving of the Spirit.

Bro. Larry Russell preached the only message tonight, it was a blessing to all the preachers, really to everyone in the tabernacle.

You all have a great day and we’ll update again soon.