Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So far VBS at Cedar Bluff has been great. In my time at CBBC this has been the biggest turnout for VBS. That is very encouraging to both myself, and the church. Every night we have had new students. Even our adult class is larger than it ever has been. Usually having 5 or 6, this week we have had 12 or more.


Continue to pray for the students, many are from unchurched homes. Some are from our neighborhood, some are from other communities, but they are all welcome.


Let me share this quickly. Sunday night as the night was coming to an end, the 3-5 age group was in a panic, the boys had to use the bathroom and the teachers didn’t know what to do. Both teachers we ladies and their own children are girls, so this was a problem. Just so happened I walked in and was bombarded with cries to take the boys to the bathroom.


After a little prayer and preparation on my part I took two. Both were different as night and day. But it was funny to watch the boys react when the preacher took them to the “potty”.


Last night one of them had to go so bad that he ALMOST relieved himself on the stage. The teachers were horrified, no one else was around so they had to take him. Quite an experience, but this week has been so much fun.


More a little later…




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