Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mid-Week Meeting

Last night was a good services. We had a few out, but still the Lord moved. We didn’t have very much singing though. My wife Lori was at home with our little girl who was not feeling well, so Brittany Cornelius filled in at the piano.

Brittany did an excellent job. She is learning new songs and playing each one great. She says she learning to play “Getting ready to leave this world”, that way Floyd can sing it if she has to play.


Also we deviated from the norm on Wednesday nights too. The Lord gave me a message from Joshua 24:15. “I’m going through”, four things that this statement says to modern day Christians.

I’ll give you the outline later today. I don’t believe we recorded last night, so I can’t post it on but I WILL put the Outline here on the blog.

p.s. We are thinking about changing the website around, we may use Sermon audio as our homepage. As a matter of fact, if you go to you will be redirected to our homepage at So be looking for the changes, and tell me what you think.