Monday, October 5, 2009

Sermon Audio

I wanted to update everyone on what our internet ministry is doing. Below are the stats for the month of September. Please look at them and join in prayer with me about furthering the gospel through the internet.

September vs August

61% Increase in Downloads 239

75% Increase in United States Downloads 214

9% Increase in International Downloads 25

Last month I wrote about my desires to see downloads in all 50 states. We had 20 last month and this month we had 26. So we’re more than halfway there now.

I want to ask/encourage you to tell other about this ministry. There is no reward for a certain about of downloads, however the more people can hear the Word of God, the better the chances are that people get saved, or come back to Christ. I will give you a few websites I’d like you to visit regularly, if not you, email the links to your friends. Yesterday we preached in part about the Power of Witnessing, this is a powerful witnessing tool. Direct folks to either of these websites and the WILL get the Gospel. Once they are there, they also have the choice to choose other churches to listen to.

Please pray for this ministry, God has blessed in the 5 months that we’ve been doing this with over 600 downloads. That is 600 people that otherwise may not have heard the Gospel preached. You do have a part, so I ask you to join with me in this ministry. (You are here now)

Thank you everyone!