Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sunday Services--Please Don't make me Blush!

Sunday morning was a great service. A little odd, but it was a great one. The Lord moved in a mighty way. There were folks of all ages at the altar at one point or another. Many were burdened, but I beleive most of them got the help they needed. There wasn't a lot of singing or testifying, but there was a moving.

Sunday Evening I got to preach, I used this Title: "Please, Don't make me Blush", taking the text from Jeremiah 6:15, the people of Judah could no longer blush at sin. So with that thought I tried to give three things they may have said to avoid sin:

1. I want to feel good about myself
2. I don't want to Judge
3. I've just gotten comfortable

In winding the message down, I aske dthe question, how comfortable are you about sin. Can you still Blush, are you still embarrassed about sin?

Well, are you?