Thursday, January 14, 2010

Centered in His Will

You’ve probably heard the song “Keep me in your will”, it has long been a life’s cry for me. I desire so badly to be in His will, when I pray I have continued to ask the Lord to keep me there. I have struggled with decisions, making sure that they are God’s will and not my own; thankfully God has always been triumphant in those decisions.

There has in recent months surfaced another phrase, that has changed my prayers, and thought process. Let me lay it down for you now. Our Sunday school teacher took a break and had a showing of an older video of a Potter and His wife. Their names escape me at the moment, but they are not the subject of this thought. It is what this potter said, and the illustration he made.

On his wheel he had a lump of clay, as he worked the clay is grew taller and wider, but as it grew it began to “wobble” or “waver”. The potter then began to testify of his life, he was in the right place, he was on God’s “Wheel” but he was not centered. He then began to apply pressure to the clay to center it in the “Wheel”. Once the clay was centered the “wobbling” stopped and the clay looked uniform as it turned.

The Potter began again by saying while he was saved, in church, and doing the work of God, he was not centered in God’s “Will”. You see many of us are where we should be, we’re allowing God to work in our lives, but we’re out of balance. We still want some control in our lives and we’re not centered in God’s Will. He can still work on us, and work in us, but the finished work will not be desirable to Him or others. Oh, but if we will be Centered in God’s Will, then He can work in us with ease and precision. He can take out all of the unlovable, and replace it with tenderness, and lovingkindness. He can remove all of the hurt and replace it with forgiveness. He can if necessary, remove the flawed parts in our life and mould and make us a vessel of honor.

This potter made what he called a “God Pot”. He described this as being one thing in his eye. He had a plan, an outline if you will of what this pot should look like. However after the heat was applied, the pot took on altogether different characteristics. Completely different from what the potter desired, but its beauty surpassed even His plans. They only way he could describe it was a “God Pot”, he made it the best he could, then he put it in God’s hand, it endured the flames, and God made it into a vessel unlike any other.

What about you? Will you be a “God Pot” today? Will you take your hands off of your life, and give yourself to God and allow Him to work in you? Will you ask God to Center you in his “Will”? The tame for wobbly, wavering Christians is over. We need Christians that will be just that…”Little Christ’s”, we need to be Like Him, seek the Lords will and do it as it is revealed to us.

Lord, just as this potter centered this clay in the “Wheel” I want to be centered in your “Will”, I won’t to be used of you, I want my life to be a testimony of your handiwork. I want to me a “God Pot” I want people to see me and realize that I am nothing but a product of you.

God Bless you and your family.