Thursday, January 7, 2010

Needed Update

It’s time to update you on what’s happening at Cedar Bluff. Its been a while since I’ve just wrote about whats been going on. So let me start now.

Let me say first of that God is working in our church. There are so many folks dealing with personal issues, that I feel like God is bringing the church together in prayer through all of these things. His name is worthy to be Praised.

How services have been going well, again Thank you Lord. My wife Lori had our 2nd baby, Braelyn, so to fill in for her Bro. David Bilyou and Tammy Peterson have stepped up to help.

Some of our folks have been sick now for a few weeks, and we’re working on getting them all well.

Others have been travelling for the Holiday’s and we hope to see all of them back soon.


In other news, we’ve just taken on Two more Missionaries. Bro. Nemuel Lesada to the Phillipines, and the Internet/Media ministry that we started back in early 2009, it has been supported by individual donations up to this point.

Here’s some things that are happing.

We have began a new venture via video. We’ve started “Conversations” which are in essence testimonies and life stories in a relaxed atmosphere with Myself and one other person. We have filmed one conversation with Knox Williams and have posted two episodes from that. We are learning the process so the video quality is not that great, but the audio and the message is very good.

We’ve just purchased a new video camera that is all digital so we hope to correct the quality issue.

In this we will also film skits, and drama’s put on by our church. We will attempt to video the youth group “Sign 4 Life” doing mimes. We have in the works to film a few things this month and hopefully get them posted soon.  We have also made a fan page for the church. Cedar Bluff Baptist Church, I encourage you all to become a fan our page.

In addition to this we are still pouring a lot of time in to We have a new scheduling avenue, so hopefully everything will get into a regular routine, and things will not be as sporadic as they have been.


Again, the Lord has really done a work in us. He has encouraged me so much through all of these things, we believe God will get the glory through these things. We are also looking for “A few good men” that will help with some of these things, so please help us pray that God will move on the hearts of His people to step up and help on some of these things.


Here’s some links that I’d like you to see.

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GodBless everyone and have a great Week. See you later!

OH! Be looking tonight for Sunday Morning’s message.