Thursday, September 16, 2010

What's been happening?

Okay, you've all heard the news about floods, oil spills, wars beginnings, wars ending, economy, democrat and republican trash talk, etc. But have you heard the good news?

Here it is, Jesus still saves. Yes, Jesus God's own Son still has the power and desire to save this world.
That's what we've been sharing at Cedar Bluff. No, not every service, but we have been sharing Christ, and encouraging our church to go and share Him as well. For some time now my heart has been burdened for the lost of the world, specifically those I know, but the burden doesn't stop there.

That burden is heavy for those in foreign countries and for those who are literally risking their lives to share the Gospel. You see, here we may face a few snide remarks or angry faces but over there in that distant land, they are facing imprisonment, torture, dismemberment, persecution and even death on an everyday basis.

To them it is not a job, to those men and women it is a calling that they must be true to. It is a sad fact that, "They" have a call, and we at home still consider it a "Conviction" or maybe a better word "Choice" to share the Gospel to a lost soul.

So, on that note, God has led me to have our missionaries to come and update us on their work and encourage us in the faith to continue supporting and praying for our missionaries. Their lives are not as comfortable as ours, their churches are not as plush as ours but God is using them and bringing souls to Him.

So, what's been happening? Well, a lot! God has been leading me (the Pastor) in a way that He hasn't led before and giving me liberty in that fact. He has brought people in to the church who have moved away or have left the church for different reasons. He has been working on some of our youth in recent months in a few areas (howbeit some of them are running from Him), God has impressed a few series on my heart and allowed those to be preached (in His own time, I'll have to tell that later), God allowed our church to come to an agreement with the local government over an issue and smiled on us in that.
On a sad note we have lost two wonderful saints of God. First was Sister Della (Dolly) Conaster, then Brother Roy Kirby. They both suffered for a few years with different health issues and dementia, but God saw fit to call them home to be with Him. We still have a few more that need prayers and God will surely answer those prayers either here, or "Over yonder".

With that said, God surely has been Good. We've had such wonderful church services recently, the presence of God has been real, and mighty.

In June, we celebrated 109 years as Cedar Bluff Baptist, boy the crowd was wonderful, the Lord blessed that day as well. We're all looking forward to another year slammed full of God's blessings.

Until next time, may the Lord bless ya!