Thursday, November 25, 2010

Are you Thankful?

The Psalmist, possibly right after his fatal sin with Bathsheba, wrote a psalm that thrills the hearts of readers.
Psalm 103 begins with "Bless the Lord Oh my soul, all that is within me bless His holy Name."
Recently i preached on the Song of Thanksgiving, and since I have been reminded daily about the blessing that God has given. Not just family, friends, health, and employment, but the little things. Things like my baby girl fighting sleep every night, and getting up every morning @ 7:00 or 7:30, or my baby doll whining because someone changes the channel on the tv, or when someone runs all of the hot water out at home by taking long showers. These may not sounds like things to be thankful for, but you see, God has reminded me that in spite of the fighting, and early rising, I have an 11 month old baby that is alive, and healthy. Regardless of the whining, I have a 4 year old that it vibrant, and happy nearly all the time. Whether or not, I have have hot or cold water, at least I have a home, where I rest, love, and live freely.

Are you thankful? David was, even in one of the darkest times of his life, after this horrible lapse in judgement and tragic consequences, he praised the Lord. Heart broken and disappointed, he cried out for his soul to praise the Lord, for his whole body to bless the Lord. Oh, that we would "Praise Him in the Storm" when everything is wrong in our lives, we would be blessed to "Bless the Lord".

Once again, I ask, are you Thankful?