Thursday, November 11, 2010

Master Architect

It is wonderful to think that we have a Father who made each one of us
uniquely for His special plan for our life. He's a Father that loves
diversity and uses our own desires to guide us to do His will. It is when we
obey these promptings that we begin to line up with our destiny.
Many of us struggle with the concept that God might use our own desires to
direct our steps. It is as if we think that God's sole mission is to force
us to live a life contrary to our heart's desires. God is the master
architect of our life and He equips us with all we need to accomplish what
He had foreordained. He is the one who planned our DNA and He is the one who
works in us to will and to do His good pleasure. Before we assume
unnecessary guilt for yielding to the life-long yearnings in our hearts, we
may want to see if God is the One who gave us those desires in the first
*Philippians 2:13 *

-Submitted by Avery Hicks