Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Precious than Gold

We determine an object's value by what we are willing to pay for it. Some
people are willing to pay incredible sums of money to own pieces of art,
while in others eyes these paintings wouldn't be worth the wall space that
they would take up.
The value we place on things is very subjective. "One man's garbage is
another man's gold." If how much we are willing to pay for something
determines its true value, then we must be incredibly valuable to God, for
He paid the highest price that could be paid for our redemption the life of
His only begotten Son.
God demonstrated His love to us and proved our worth to Him by offering the
highest payment He could possibly pay. The God who made all the precious
jewels, the gold and the silver, has chosen us to be His most treasured
possession. Our worth is not based on what we think of ourselves, or by our
own good deeds, but solely on the astronomical price that God was willing to
pay for us to come home.
*Exodus 19:5*

-Submitted by Avery Hicks