Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Sheperd's Care

Isaiah 40:11
Just for a moment, shut out the world around you and close your eyes. Try
and visualize what God is saying through this picture with the eyes of your
heart. Can you see the loving shepherd, gently picking up His little lambs
in his big strong arms? Can you see the look on the shepherd's face as He
lovingly gazes down into the eyes of each lamb held close to Him? What a
picture of intimacy and safety.
There is no other place that these lambs would rather be at that moment in
time. Their shepherd cares for them and has vowed to lay his life down for
their protection. He has truly won their hearts. God wants us to know, that
this is how He wants to relate to you and I. He is our shepherd and He wants
to pick us up in His big strong arms and hold us tightly to His breast that
we might feel the beating of His heart.
Can you be a little lamb who needs to be picked up and held? If you can, you
will find a place of safety and rest that is better than anything you have
ever experienced.

-Submitted by Avery Hicks