Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thus Far

There is a thought on my mind, a burden rather on my heart. However it is one that I cannot explain. It concerns the will of God, and His direction. My Spirit is so excited about the moving of God, however my flesh is hesitant about what it will be caused to do.

If only my flesh and Spirit we not “Contrary” one to the other, this, or these things wouldn’t be so distracting or troubling.

You see, the Lord has impressed me to follow through on things that He began in me, and for the church a year or so ago, however I do not have the time, energy, or the knowledge of how to go forward. I picture myself as Moses (not that I am comparing myself to Moses), He was giving direction from God, yet he made excuses, but I rejoice in the end result…God made Him able, to do His will.

There are currently four separate destinations that are all accessible by the same path, the Will of God. So, I now have to prepare for the journey, make the time, maintain the energy, and go as God leads.

I am praying that God sends someone to join me without, having to be led every step of the way. I need someone that has a desire to do the will of God, and the same burden, and discernment I things of God.

God has been faithful, in everything thus far, and I feel certain that He will continue to be so.


In His Service