Friday, May 6, 2011

Storms and Trials, but still pressing on

This past winter was one of the "wettest" ones I've seen, there was snow, ice, and of course rain. The temperature was cold (very cold) most of the season, but that was a few months ago. now, its Spring, and the Storms have come through, in fact the most recent storm brought hail, tornadoes, and torrential rains to Knoxville. The hail at the church was around the size of a nickel, however in other parts of Knoxville, there were reports of near baseball size hail.  There were tornadoes from Alabama to Georgia, Tennessee got pummeled with Tornadoes (not as much as Alabama and Georgia). We had property damage all across East Tennessee, but the worst lost were the lives lost in this horrible storm.
It makes this preacher wonder, have I done enough? It also begs the question, is the church doing enough? In the recent days since these storms I have seen and heard of churches and other organizations band together to help in these times, that is commendable to say the least, but is it too late?

Don't get me wrong, know one could know that this was coming, and these organizations are doing what they can to help now, but I wonder about eternity. Eternally there are souls that either died and went to Heaven and all of its splendor, or they have died in their sins unprepared to meet a Holy God, they will spend eternity in that awful place called Hell. It makes my heart sad to know that someone, maybe even your neighbor or loved one has passed on unprepared.

In January, the Lord impressed on me the theme for this year at Cedar Bluff, its one word...Evangelism. It's high time for our church, your church...God's Church to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" other words we must Evangelize this world. Will you join me in the Lords mandate to preach His Gospel?

In spite of your answer to that question, I am determined to keep pressing on in this "Pilgrim way" I have faced many things, but God has always been faithful to take me through each of those trials or storms. I have a feeling that He will be with me in the next storm too.

Until next time,