Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sunday School is NOT a thing of the Past

You know, a lot of folks think that "Sunday School" is archaic, old fashioned, provincial even, but I respectfully disagree.

It was in Sunday School that I first heard that Jesus was my  Savior, it was there that I first heard that Moses wandered in the dessert, I heard it first in Sunday School that a man named Noah was called to build a boat for a flood that would soon cover the whole world.

Oh yes, Sunday School has been around for many years, but without it men and women of faith would have stumbled as children, youths, and yes even adults.

It is Sunday School that sets the stage for worship, it is because of dedicated teachers who study and pray for their lesson, students and yes even themselves, that countless men, women, and children have come to know Christ as Lord in the Worship Service.

Would you be so kind as to determine in your life to seek out a good church, with a good, sound Sunday School department that can disciple you and/or your children in the basics and finalities of the Word of God?

I hope to see you at our church this Sunday, 9:30 to be exact is the time that we'll begin worshipping the Lord in Sunday School, will you please join us?