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Sunday School...............................9:30 am
Sunday Morning Worship.............10:30 am
Sunday Evening Worship...............6:00 pm

Wednesday Worship.....................7:00 pm


    This year Cedar Bluff Baptist is celebrating 110 years of dedication to the Lord. Some of our long time members are the ones that forged this church in to what it is today. They have spent many long hours and tireless days into making the church and church grounds presentable as well accessible to the community.

    Cedar Bluff sits on the corner of Dutchtown Road and is near Cedar Bluff Road. Literally our church has been a Lighthouse on a hillside. It has been constantly burning, shining in a dark world.

    The Lord has made us constantly aware of His mercy, Love and Grace. In recent time, God has moved in our church and open doors in ministry that we've never had before. Our church is one filled with the Love of God, and a Spirit of Worship; our services are Old Fashioned but are Spirit led, we are not governed by time, or men, but we seek leadership and wisdom from the Lord.

So come and join us. We would love to see you this Sunday!

Pastor James E. Burke

Bro. James Burke was born in Ocala, Fl in 1979 & raised in Palatka, and Hollister, FL. He was saved when he was 12 years after going to a camp-meeting in Florida for a week. He had been under conviction for about 6 months then God put the pressure on. On April 24, 1992 he asked God to save him from sin and hell. A year and half later after sitting under some of the best preaching and leadership in Florida, after much prayer and seeking the Lord, he surrendered to the call to preach. During the following years Bro. James had the opportunity to sit under some of the greatest men of God. He was able to hear them preach, watch their lives, and get to know many of them as spiritual mentors. 

   In 1999 Bro. James moved to Tennessee and started attending Bays Mountain Baptist Church. He met Lori Rauhuff at church and two years later they were married and in March of 2006 had their first child. In 2009 they had their second daughter.

 “My testimony isn't very long but it is my story. I was saved in the second grade. We were in chapel service and all I remember was that when Pastor gave the invitation he asked if there was anyone that was lost, I raised my hand, but I didn't stay. We started back to our classroom and I knew I had to go back, so I did and found Pastor and we talked for a little while. That's when I prayed and asked the Lord to save me.”

   Lori is now 25 years old and has lived in a preachers home nearly all of her life. Her dad Tim Rauhuff has been preaching now for over he also served as Pastor of a church in Wartburg, TN. Lori’s papaw is also a preacher and has been Pastor at Bays Mtn. Baptist Church for 30 years now. Lori and James have been married since 2002, so she’s still under the roof of a preacher.

Here’s some more of what she had to say:

   “It's not been an easy road but He has always been there for me and gave me many blessings. Two of which I am very blessed to have are my husband and my daughters. I love them very much.”

   “I am blessed to be a part of Cedar Bluff Baptist church as well. I love the people very much and love being with everyone there. They are such a blessing to know and they treat us like family and that means the world to me. The Lord has really blessed us with our family and our church family and I couldn't ask for anything more.”

Lori K. Burke